Self-Centering Dampers

Self-Centering Dampers Guden's line of self-centering dampers is currently being re-sourced. This page will be updated as pricing and lead times become available. If you would like a quote when the re-sourced dampers are available, please contact us at

Guden offers a unique patented product that allows controlled movement in extension and compression and provides a controlled rate of return from either direction to a neutral position.

Self-Centering dampers are available in two damping forces (light and heavy) and two centering forces (9 and 12 pounds). The part has a neutral length of 8.80 inches. The travel is 1.2 inches in compression and extension. End fittings are supplied as an integral part of the assembly.

The most common use for this new technology is in hydrostatic transmissions. The self-centering damper replaces a combination of springs and dampers with a single, compact, cost-effective unit. The self-centering damper linked to a control lever or pedal provides a controlled rate of actuation as well as a return to a positive neutral position.

The unit may be mounted in any orientation and still provide a smooth, consistent return to neutral.
Also see our Notes about Safety.