Discreet Soss Invisible Hinges

Guden offers a variety of Soss invisible hinges for both metal and wood applications in various sizes and finishes.

  • When closed, the hinge cannot be seen
  • When open, the hinge appears compact and elegant
  • The hinge cannot be accessed or tampered with when in a closed position
  • 180 degree opening angle, door swings completely around
  • Made of high strength plated steel and heavy duty zinc alloy castings
  • Available in satin chrome, satin brass, satin nickel and black E coat finishes as well as 316 stainless steel
  • Not supplied with screws
  • Click for help selecting Soss hinge

These hinges are perfect for applications where a flush fit, smooth operation and compact size are necessary. The moving pivot point remains inside the hinge during travel until fully opened, eliminating an external pinch point on the back side of the door.

The motion path is non-circular and swings away from the cabinet, allowing for tight door clearance.

Same day shipping for stock items and short lead time anything not currently on hand.

For info about Care and Maintenance, please see this PDF, also check out our deep dive on Soss Invisible Hinges.

SOSS Invisible Hinges FAQs

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How much weight will each Soss hinge carry?

There is no “load-rating” per hinge for the SOSS Invisible Hinges. The weight carrying capability of the each hinge is calculated based on the door size and weight. We have a calculator that will provide recommendations for number and size of hinge required in your application.

Which Soss invisible hinge is the proper one for my application?

You need to see which Soss hinges will fit the door or sheetmatal thickness requirements of your application. You can then use our online calculator to select the correct hinge and number of hinges.

Will the SOSS Invisible Hinge work in a metal application?

Yes! There are many smaller Soss hinges that are designed specifically for metal cabinets. You also can mount the larger hinges in metal doors.

Is there a Fire-Rated SOSS Invisible Hinge available?

Yes, SOSS Hinge has Fire-Rated Hinges available for wood and/or metal doors from 20 minutes to 180 minutes. They are available for door thickness of 1-3/8" to 2" or greater. We also have 20 minute Fire-Rated Power Transfer Hinges.

How far will the SOSS Hinge open?

All SOSS Invisible Hinges have the capability to open 180 degrees as long as they are properly installed.

I don't see the SOSS invisible hinge I was looking for on this page, does that mean you don't have it?

If you don't see the SOSS hinge you are looking for on our page, just e-mail us at info@guden.com with the part number and we will get a quote to you.