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1. What are Soss Invisible Hinges?

One of the more unique hinges we supply is the Soss Invisible Hinge. It is designed so that the hinge is completely hidden when the door is closed and the riveted hinge pin is non-removable when the door is open. Additionally, once you have correctly mounted the hinges, you should never have to adjust them. We are so sure that there are no means to adjust them. When in the 180 degree opening angle, the door swings completely around and clear of the jam.

The Soss Invisible (Concealed) hinges are available for wood and metal applications. They were originally designed for wood applications and were installed in wide variety of applications including:

  • Singer Sewing Machines
  • Otis Elevator
  • Burroughs Adding Machines
  • Player Pianos
  • Rolls Royce Motor Cars Company used SOSS Invisible Hinges in trunk lids of the 1930's models of the Phantom II and Silver Ghost
  • Henry Ford used the SOSS hinge on the glove boxes of his early model automobiles
  • Frank Lloyd Wright specified the SOSS hinge on many of his most prominent commercial and residential structures, including Pennsylvania’s Fallingwater
  • Government agencies favored SOSS invisible hinges for security purposes

Soss Invisible Hinges are also available for metal applications and will handle a wide variety of weight doors. We have a calculator on our website that will guide you through the selection of the correct Soss Invisible hinge and how many to use in your application.

In addition to the steel castings on the standard parts, many of the hinges are available in stainless steel for additional corrosion resistance. And the hinges are available in a variety of finishes to blend with the material used in your cabinet.

Videos are available on YouTube to guide you through the installation process. See the links in the video section below. If our recommended videos don’t answer your questions, try searching YouTube for “Installing Soss Invisible Hinges.”

And there are templates available with varying levels of sophistication from a simple one for a job where you will be installing only a few hinges to the top of the line template that is designed for production quantity runs. It takes longer to set up but will get the job done quickly for multiple hinges.

We display the stock products on the website in the Soss Invisible Hinge Category. There are some smaller and larger models available. Just inquire.

Currently you will find Soss Invisible Hinges in:

  • custom cabinetry in corporate jets
  • space-saving folding trays in passenger trains
  • hidden rooms and moving walls in residential and commercial environments
  • computers, cash registers & copy machines
  • medical equipment, cases, scales & office equipment
  • communication room safety doors, pharmaceutical storage areas, courtrooms and churches

SOSS concealed hinges are selected for use in an endless array of specialty applications where compact size, smart operation and superior appearance are required.

These hinges are perfect for applications where a flush fit, smooth operation and compact size are necessary. The moving pivot point remains inside the hinge during travel until fully opened, eliminating an external pinch point on the back side of the door. The motion path is non-circular and swings away from the cabinet, allowing for tight door clearance.

Please note that we price our Soss Invisible Hinges by the piece (not pair) and we provide the hinges without screws. Please advise if you would like us to supply screws.

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5. Soss Invisible Hinges Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

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