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THREE Cost-Reducing Tips for your Custom Hinge Design

Guden Custom Hinges
Guden Custom Hinges
With access to many different forms of production machinery, Guden can usually supply your custom hinge exactly to your specifications. As we help guide you in your design process, we can also offer some cost-saving suggestions to help bring your price down. Here are just a few ways that may help take the "custom" out of the pricing for your custom hinge.

Knuckle Size — Choosing a more standard knuckle size for your hinge can usually be a huge cost savings. While we offer many different knuckle lengths, .50", 1.00" or even 2.00" are considerably less expensive than .625" or .75". Guden will let you know the best combination for your material thickness, pin diameter and knuckle size.

Hinge Length — Your custom hinge is usually less expensive when the hinge length is an even multiple of the knuckle length. For a hinge with .50" knuckles, it makes a much better hinge to have the overall length be 17.00" or 17.50" instead of 17.27". The length can sometimes make a difference in the aesthetics as well.

Holes and Slots — While just about any size hole or slot can be provided, some sizes may require tooling or special set-up charges. Guden will always offer what we have as existing tooling for your perforations and in some cases offer standard sizes and patterns too.

These are just a few ways Guden can work with you to get you the best price possible on your hinge requirements. Submit your custom hinge request, and a Guden representative will be in touch to discuss your requirements.