Heavy Duty Piano Hinges & Continuous Hinges

Heavy Duty Continuous Hinges

Guden offers a large variety of Heavy Duty continuous hinges listed below.

Heavy Duty Piano Hinges
In stock same day shipments
From 48.00" to 96.00" lengths
From 0.120 to 0.250 thickness
Custom Piano Hinges are available to meet your requirements

Heavy duty piano hinges are long, strong and sturdy. They are great for applications involving the movement of heavy doors, lids, cabinets, gates and more. The heavy duty piano hinge is also known as the heavy duty continuous hinge. Guden has a wide variety of heavy duty continuous hinges in stock for purchase. Guden carries these heavy duty piano hinges in plain steel, stainless steel and aluminum material.

Guden also has a variety of other specialty heavy duty hinges. Some of the other heavy duty hinges that we have in stock are: Butt Hinges, Spring Latches, Continuous Hinges and Weld-On Hinges.

If you do not see the exact hinge specifications that you need, Guden can create the perfect custom hinge for you. Please contact our customer service department for further assistance. They can help with your customization and help you find the most cost effective solution for your requirements.