The GUDEN Hasp And Staples Deep Dive

1. What is a Hasp & Staple?

A Hasp and Staple is a two piece set that works together to help keep a door or cover more securely closed. The hasp is essentially a hinge with one longer leaf which serves as the hasp arm and has a slot in it to fit over the staple. The staple is a stationary piece with a perpendicular ring or piece of metal which fits through the hasp slot. A padlock, wire or zip tie can be passed through the staple ring to secure the hasp arm from moving. Hasp and Staple sets are considered to be medium to light-duty type security and are used on sheds, gates, cabinets or box covers to deter people from opening.

Guden hasps and staples are available in steel, zinc plated steel, stainless steel and aluminum. They are also supplied with and without holes for ease in mounting. Some staples are also a mechanical variety where the staple ring is a turning piece that can move into position to close and secure the hasp arm.

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5. Hasp & Staples Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

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