Spring Latches for Positive Locking

Spring Latches for Positive Locking

Guden offers a variety of Spring Latches listed below.

Spring Latches
From .875 inches to 3.00 inches long
In plain steel and stainless steel
In stock same day shipments
All parts can be customized

Spring latches are a very popular choice at Guden for keeping doors and gates closed. Guden has a huge selection of spring latches in stock. The spring latch is made up of several components like clips, a single leaf, pins and springs which are all also available below. Each spring latch has a spring-loaded retactable pin with a bent end to easily open or close a door, lid, cover or gate with ease. Just turn the pin's bent end and pull it away from the leaf and the door will be released from its locking state.

Guden Spring Latches are also called latch hinges, latch bolts and retractable pin hinges.

For heavy lids and doors, Guden has heavy duty spring latches available. These spring latches can hold very heavy weights in place. Guden also carries spring latches with a hold back feature.

There are a variety of spring latches available. Yet if you can't find the spring latch you are looking for, please visit our customs site or contact our customer service department as most specs and customizations are available.