Catalog Downloads

We have the following PDF copies of our latest catalogs available for download. As our product offering changes, please check the website for the latest information.

1. General Catalog - This catalog displays our broad industrial product line including hinges, handles, catches, hasps & staples and many other items for metal cabinet doors and lids.

A. Entire Catalog

B. Hinges Section

C. Handles and Pulls Section

D. Catches and Supports Section

E. Military Hardware Section

2. Gas Spring and Damper Catalog - This catalog displays our broad selection of gas springs, compression and extension dampers, connectors (end fittings) and mounting hardware (brackets and ball studs).

A. Gas Springs and Dampers

B. Gas Spring Mounting and Operating Guidelines

3. Hinge Selection Guide - This eBook will guide you through the selection of a hinge for a new door or lid application.

A. Hinge Selection Guide