Aluminum Hinges

Aluminum Hinges Guden has a wide variety of aluminum continuous hinge in either type 5052 and type 3003 aluminum. They are in stock with either aluminum or stainless steel pins. Aluminum continuous hinges are strong and lightweight which are great qualities for aerospace or transportation applications. They are also corrosion resistant making them a great product for use in marine, food, or outdoor applications, and anywhere that stainless steel options might not be the best fit, function or cost. We also stock many of the popular military specification hinges in aluminum including MS20257 hinge and extruded aluminum continuous hinge to the MS20001 specification.

The Guden stock size range begins in a width of .75" and thickness of .025" all the way up to a stock width of 6.00" and a thickness of .187". Custom sizes are also available; just specify the width and thickness required. Stock lengths vary from 48", 72", 84" and 96", with custom lengths available upon request.

Aluminum continuous hinges are available off the shelf without holes and can be supplied with the hole pattern of your choice. Other custom operations such as countersunk holes, cut outs, PEMs, slots, bends and offsets can be supplied. Please see the Guden custom hinge site for assistance in getting the custom hinge that is a perfect fit for your requirements. Easily choose your options, build your custom hinge and submit the information to us for a quick quotation.

Our Guden customer service team is also available for assistance and can help you choose the most cost effective solution for your requirements.