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Since 1920, Guden has been a leader in supplying quality hardware products to industry. Our product line is a total solution for your enclosure, cabinet, box or case need. From Hinges to Handles, Gas Springs to Casters, Dampers, Latches, Catches, Supports and other associated hardware are all in stock to attain our goal of being your one-stop hardware source.

Guden News

Mission Hingepossible II

Think that hinge design is an impossibility?  Well search no further and sign on with the best Mission Hingepossible team around. At Guden, our agents crave the most difficult hinge tasks and strive to make them possible.

With our access to both traditional tooling and laser capabilities, we can supply you with just about any shape or form your extreme application can require.  Take note here of this sliver of a hinge leaf that's needed for attachment. Now that's certainly a task requiring a top knotch hinge intelligence agent.   Most average hinge suppliers would be going undercover to get away from this assignment,  but with Guden, it's a done deal.

Send us your toughest job and we'll aim to deliver it. Check out our sister site, to arm yourself for your next Mission Hingepossible!

Some Views Are Better Than Others

Guden hinge swage
Many hinges are hidden inside or underneath things, so you can't really get the full enjoyment of seeing the full hinge.  And for sure, anytime you can take a peek down the barrel of the hinge it's definitely a treat, especially if there are any exciting swages or offsets done to the leaves.

Take this particular hinge for example.  It looks like it has some kind of swage done to it.  Possibly one leaf half swaged, but you can only be totally sure if you were to measure to see if the leaf was pushed to halfway the distance of the pin diameter.

Guden can do all the standard swages, and also do other offsets to the leaves quickly and easily!

Check out all the different leaf altering operations here:

Corned Beef, Cabbage, and Green Hinges

Green Weld-On
You know what the famous frog says,  It's not easy being green.

But what better day to showcase a green hinge than on March 17th.

Guden steel weld-on hinges are the perfect metal to wear a bit of green paint, though the stainless and aluminum versions have been known to put on a bit of color as well for extra corrosion resistance.  And due to their solid construction, there's no need to worry about paint clearance like with rolled hinges.

Slip on a lucky pair of weld-on's any day of the year.

Enjoy your lucky green day!

No Need To Be Superstitious About Guden Quality!

Guden Quality
Not even today on a Friday the 13th!

For almost 100 years, Guden has been known for supplying high quality hardware, and to further that claim we follow and certify our processes to all the applicable ISO 9000 standards.

It's that compliance that assures you're getting the product to the specifications you require.  

Still Waiting for Spring?

Guden spring hinges
Ok, one more snowstorm, and hopefully the last gasps of Winter.  Yup, that's right,  it's still not spring!

Tired of waiting for Spring?  Well at least most of us are for sure. But at least there's not a long wait for Spring Hinges!  In fact, most will ship right from stock, and considering that Guden carries the largest selection of spring-loaded hinges anywhere, well that's definitely a record snowfall of parts.

See all the available spring hinge sizes here:, and they're good for use now, and any other time of the year too.  

Guden's Robotics Team Wins Regional

Winning alliance teams, 263 in center
Our local FRC Robotics team, Sachem Aftershock 263 has won the Florida Regional at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. This win secures Aftershock's place at the St. Louis National Championships in April.

This fight was very close, coming right down to the wire.  Sachem and alliance partners Ninjineers Team 2383 and Voltage Team 386 worked together scoring until the very last second to secure the win.

America needs more engineers!

Military Hinges and a Whole Lot More

Guden Military Hinges
Considering we have the largest inventory of hinges around, it should be no surprise that Guden also carries the most Military Specification Hinge too.

For applications such as this rescue helicopter chassis, we have all the popular MS20001 and MS20257 series aerospace hinges as well as the MS20253 pins that go along with them.  We also stock MS35800 series hinges and the newer A-A-55590 series hinges in all the popular materials, and even some of the not so popular ones too.  Stock lengths, or a size that meets your application, we can supply it all.

Check out all the sizes here under Military Hinges, and for more information on MS handles and other associated hardware.

What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger....

Guden stiffening ribs
We've all heard this saying, but really in some cases I'm not so sure I get it.  With the constant snowstorms and cold we've been getting in the Northeast,  is it really making us stronger?  Hmmm.  Or when you see that baby in the airport eat an M & M she found under the seat, does that make her stronger?  Just a Thursday musing from this Guden Hinge Whisperer while I look out at the snow falling and wait to see if my flight home is on time. And again, after weeks of delays and cancellations I'm not sure I'm any stronger.

But what I am sure of is how adding a few stiffening ribs to the bend on a hinge leaf can make the hinge stronger.  It allows for a smaller more compact hinge to carry just a bit more weight without making it be over stressed and warping or bending.  It's an easy customization that can be added to almost any type of hinge bend. And THAT for sure does make something stronger.

The Cold Hard Truth

Guden continuous hinge materials
Have you ever wondered whether stainless steel is stronger than steel?

I think it's a common misconception that people have about stainless steel, but in reality due to it's carbon content, often commercial stainless steel is not able to be hardened as strong as steel.  It's properties are more for corrosion resistance than for overall strength.

And experts tend to agree, that if you are able to use steel, it's the stronger choice.  That's why at Guden, we carry a full line of both steel and stainless steel hinges to meet all your application needs. And for lighter weight corrosion resistance, we also carry aluminum, and aluminum with stainless steel pins too.  If none of those materials matches what you need, you can check out our selection of 316 stainless steel, electro-galvanized, pre-finished, brass, polished stainless steel hinges and much much more.  We definitely have it all.

Happy Presidents' Day!

Guden Holiday
The H A Guden Co. is closed today in observance of Presidents' Day. We will reopen tomorrow 2/17/15 but if you are working today, please see our website product pages to get product information, pricing, and to place credit card orders that should ship for you Tuesday 2/17.  

The Ugly Truth.

Guden custom hinge length
And I'm not just talking about the seemingly unending winter weather for our area.  What I am talking about, is how designing in a partial knuckle can change the look of your application, and not always in a way that's pleasing to those who look at it.  For most hinges in a thickness of .075 or less, the most economical way to cut them to length is in an automatic shear process. This works great for hinge lengths that are an exact multiple of the knuckle size, i.e. for .50" knuckles, the overall length would be something like 17.50". 23.00" or 45.50".  But when you require a length that will include some length of partial knuckle, the odd piece can tend to get deformed in the shearing process.  Guden can certainly help you avoid this by changing the manufacturing of the hinge to give you a nice clean cut, but that does often increase your cost.  If at all possible, if you can avoid partial knuckles you can both lessen your cost, and improve the look of your hinge and application.  Check out some additional helpful information for cut-to-lengths here

And the Groundhog Gets Dragged Out of the Hole

Guden custom hinge perforations
The poor groundhog. What they put him through now for this winter prediction announcement. Though I guess his weather sense seems to be about the same or even better than the meteorologists with all their technology.  But it is technology that helps us out in some ways. Many of the standard hinge making technologies include round holes and slots, but for those once-a-year Groundhog type days that you need square holes, Guden can offer those as well. 

Check out our special site for more information on perforations and many other custom fabricated hinge topics and operations. 

Snow Closing Tuesday 1/27/15

guden hinges 5
At least we're not in the 30 inch range of snow, but there's still significant snow on the ground and it's still coming down which unfortunately will make us stay closed today as it's treacherous for employees to be on the roads.  Please continue to use our website for product information, stock pricing, and to place orders with a credit card that will ship as soon as the carriers are back open on Long Island.  You can also view our custom hinge site to get helpful information, design data and just about anything you ever wanted to know about custom fabricated hinges.  

Guden is Currently Closed Due to Winter Storm Juno

To insure the safety of our employees, Guden has closed early in preparation of the the oncoming snow.  We expect that tomorrow may bring another closing, but we will confirm in the morning when we wake up to see what the conditions are.  Be safe, and of course our two websites and are still open to help with pricing, drawings, product information and custom hinge help and details and explanations.  

Hinges Are the New Office Supplies?

Guden custom fabricated hinges
As any good Hinge Whisperer knows, you really do never know where you'll see your next hinge sighting.  Though a recent office supply run was a bit of a surprise spot for one.  It started out with just a glimmer off to the side of my vision as I scoped out the paper products, and then I saw it. The shiny unmistakable shine of zinc or nickel plating. And then as I looked closer, I could see the knuckles.  Here in the midst of the office supplies,  a custom hinge! It was incorporated into the 3-hole punch.  Cut to a 11" length, and fitted with 3 studs, the specially fabricated hinge is used to rotate and press down to punch the holes in the paper.  It just goes to show, almost anything that moves or rotates is on some kind of hinge!  And what better place to look for custom hinge than Guden. Our one-of-a-kind specialty hinge site is a great resource for all things custom hinge.  Check it out today!

Thank You for Your Continued Support

Guden Lid Supports and Table Leg Braces
Choose from our wide selection of Guden lid supports and table leg braces for all your support type needs. Our light-duty supports have a gentle ride-over locking mechanism that is easily unlocked by a light pressure, while our heavy-duty supports have a positive locking system that needs to be manually disengaged for more security.  Most of our supports are supplied in a right or left hand version to make your mounting side choice easy.  The majority of lid supports are used in shelving or table type applications, but various other uses abound as well. Here's an interesting and unique use for our supports on a step ladder. Do you have a unique use you'd like to share? We'd love to see it!  Check out all our support and brace offerings here:

Your Right to be Free

XKCD cartoon ( )
A hinge that doesn't move isn't usually worth much and most applications require the leaves to rotate around the pin. Most Guden continuous hinges are manufactured in a "run tight" condition so the pins won't fall out easily, are able to be removed, and the hinge leaves rotate with a minimum amount of pressure.  Larger gauge hinges will require more pressure to move the leaves. We can also provide continuous hinges in a "run loose" condition as a special run.  These hinges will have pins that are far from tight and may require pin retention. So the choice is yours.   You can view all our continuous hinge offerings here. And thanks to for a great Hinge cartoon!

And speaking of Free. No one will ever take away our right to be Free. Je Suis Charlie

Two, Two! Two Sightings in One!

Guden Custom Hinge
An excellent start to the 2015 Hinge Sighting Year!  And in this case, a double header of two different styles.  Usually when you see a pair of hinges close to each other they're just two of the same hinge, but not this time! Hinge 1 on the left I can see is different from Hinge 2 on the right just by the size of the knuckles.  Though unfortunately the rest of the hinge is hidden inside of the door as it's an inside mount.  Hinge 2 is surface mounted and I can see all it's glorious hinge splendor complete with a pattern of staggered holes.  And it was certainly interesting to see how they only used half the holes for mounting.  They didn't require that many holes, but it's most often cheaper to buy a hinge that's already pre-punched with a hole pattern in a large production run instead of adding your own holes to the hinges as a custom run.  Luckily with Guden they'll help you compare the price options so you'll be able to make the best choice.  For additional help you can always check out our sister hinge site for guidance and assistance in choosing the special hinge that's perfect for your application needs. 

Happy New Year 2015!

Thank you all for your loyalty and business and our very best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful Happy New Year.  Guden will be closed until 1/5/15, so for the rest of 2014, please see our website for product information, drawings, standard item quotes, and any orders placed will be processed when we return in the new year.  

Handles and pulls are here.

The Guden Hinge Whisperer Spots Another Rare One

Guden Heavy Duty Hinge
City traffic is just as good of a place as any to spot a hinge or hardware find, and sometimes it turns out to be a great one.  This Hinge Whisperer always keeps his eyes peeled when driving around, but is especially watchful when in dead stop holiday traffic. And lately, traffic jams are the norm around here it seems.  So far nothing exciting to report as I scanned all around me.  Yawn, yawn, the usual handle or hinges on panels, but then I spied it right in front of me.  Literally. The tailgate on the vehicle in front of me drew my attention as I saw the unmistakable curls of knuckles.  Hinge Knuckles! The entire tailgate was a hinge!  Made from what appeared to be at least 2" thick metal, this grand find had to be the largest and heaviest hinge I've ever seen.  And it was even customized a bit to remove the center knuckles for the license plate and a light. A great sighting for sure as it's pretty rare to see a hinge in this type of thickness.  So keep your eyes open wherever you are fellow Hinge Whisperers. You just never know where you'll have your next sighting. But of course, keep it safe if you're looking around while driving!
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