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Since 1920, Guden has been a leader in supplying quality hardware products to industry. Our product line is a total solution for your enclosure, cabinet, box or case need. From Hinges to Handles, Gas Springs to Casters, Dampers, Latches, Catches, Supports and other associated hardware are all in stock to attain our goal of being your one-stop hardware source.

Guden News

Thank You for Your Continued Support

Guden Lid Supports and Table Leg Braces
Choose from our wide selection of Guden lid supports and table leg braces for all your support type needs. Our light-duty supports have a gentle ride-over locking mechanism that is easily unlocked by a light pressure, while our heavy-duty supports have a positive locking system that needs to be manually disengaged for more security.  Most of our supports are supplied in a right or left hand version to make your mounting side choice easy.  The majority of lid supports are used in shelving or table type applications, but various other uses abound as well. Here's an interesting and unique use for our supports on a step ladder. Do you have a unique use you'd like to share? We'd love to see it!  Check out all our support and brace offerings here:

Your Right to be Free

XKCD cartoon ( )
A hinge that doesn't move isn't usually worth much and most applications require the leaves to rotate around the pin. Most Guden continuous hinges are manufactured in a "run tight" condition so the pins won't fall out easily, are able to be removed, and the hinge leaves rotate with a minimum amount of pressure.  Larger gauge hinges will require more pressure to move the leaves. We can also provide continuous hinges in a "run loose" condition as a special run.  These hinges will have pins that are far from tight and may require pin retention. So the choice is yours.   You can view all our continuous hinge offerings here. And thanks to for a great Hinge cartoon!

And speaking of Free. No one will ever take away our right to be Free. Je Suis Charlie

Two, Two! Two Sightings in One!

Guden Custom Hinge
An excellent start to the 2015 Hinge Sighting Year!  And in this case, a double header of two different styles.  Usually when you see a pair of hinges close to each other they're just two of the same hinge, but not this time! Hinge 1 on the left I can see is different from Hinge 2 on the right just by the size of the knuckles.  Though unfortunately the rest of the hinge is hidden inside of the door as it's an inside mount.  Hinge 2 is surface mounted and I can see all it's glorious hinge splendor complete with a pattern of staggered holes.  And it was certainly interesting to see how they only used half the holes for mounting.  They didn't require that many holes, but it's most often cheaper to buy a hinge that's already pre-punched with a hole pattern in a large production run instead of adding your own holes to the hinges as a custom run.  Luckily with Guden they'll help you compare the price options so you'll be able to make the best choice.  For additional help you can always check out our sister hinge site for guidance and assistance in choosing the special hinge that's perfect for your application needs. 

Happy New Year 2015!

Thank you all for your loyalty and business and our very best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful Happy New Year.  Guden will be closed until 1/5/15, so for the rest of 2014, please see our website for product information, drawings, standard item quotes, and any orders placed will be processed when we return in the new year.  

Handles and pulls are here.

The Guden Hinge Whisperer Spots Another Rare One

Guden Heavy Duty Hinge
City traffic is just as good of a place as any to spot a hinge or hardware find, and sometimes it turns out to be a great one.  This Hinge Whisperer always keeps his eyes peeled when driving around, but is especially watchful when in dead stop holiday traffic. And lately, traffic jams are the norm around here it seems.  So far nothing exciting to report as I scanned all around me.  Yawn, yawn, the usual handle or hinges on panels, but then I spied it right in front of me.  Literally. The tailgate on the vehicle in front of me drew my attention as I saw the unmistakable curls of knuckles.  Hinge Knuckles! The entire tailgate was a hinge!  Made from what appeared to be at least 2" thick metal, this grand find had to be the largest and heaviest hinge I've ever seen.  And it was even customized a bit to remove the center knuckles for the license plate and a light. A great sighting for sure as it's pretty rare to see a hinge in this type of thickness.  So keep your eyes open wherever you are fellow Hinge Whisperers. You just never know where you'll have your next sighting. But of course, keep it safe if you're looking around while driving!

Best Guden Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season

From our Guden family to yours, wishing you a very happy and safe Holiday.  We will be closed on 12/25 and 12/26 in observance of the Christmas Holiday. but our website  is always available for drawings, descriptions, stock quotes and delivery information and for more details on custom hinges, see our special site 

Slow This Year Down a Little!

Guden Dampers
Guden dampers look just like gas springs except they are filled with oil instead of pressurized gas. They're the perfect product for use to reduce the speed at which a door, cover or lid opens or closes and can even be used to slow the motion of gears, levers or pedals. Available from stock in either a compression or extension dampening, or even dampened in both directions as a custom run, Guden dampers can be used in many motion control applications.  They just can't be used to slow down the weeks and months just flying by. Yet. At least not until they're incorporated into a time machine. :)

Is It Really All About That Bass?

Guden Hinge Capabilities
I'm not quite sure really, but at Guden, I am sure that it's All About the Capabilities!  We have access to some of the best laser cutting tools around and can supply a hinge in a shape or form that goes with just about any beat you can think of. Curves, cuts, even legs, no problem! We'd love to fulfill your Guden custom hinge challenge.  And for all the custom hinge help you will ever need, click on over to our custom hinge site:

Hingeing Through The Snow

Snowplow Hinge
Well it's just December 1st and already most of the country has seen their first significant snow fall. And certainly the people on the other side of New York state from us in the Buffalo area have seen more than their fair share with almost 8 feet of the white stuff already.  I'm not sure what kind of plow would even be able to handle that amount, but maybe this plow could help.  It certainly only looks like a standard plow, but upon further inspection I can see it's not.  It's actually a hinge plow!  The center is unmistakably the knuckles of a hinge and the sides of the plow are actually formed leaves. The hinge allows for the plow sides to rotate around the pin and angle into different positions. Unique for sure, and certainly will rank pretty high up in the running for my hinge sighting of the month.  

Happy Thanksgiving

This turkey has less to be thankful for
Guden is thankful for so much this year, mostly YOU, our customers!

Have a SAFE and HAPPY holiday!

(Guden office is closed Thursday and Friday)

Hinges With Benefits

One of the most important things about picking the right hinge for the job is strength.  What weight do you expect it to hold and what stress will it be under in the application.  And in many cases, you'll need to balance both.

Take for instance this very light plexiglass door covering the spout for a water dispensing unit.  It probably doesn't weight more than half a pound so a light duty .035 thick stainless hinge easily does the trick, but one thing this designer didn't take into consideration was the possibility that people opening the door would also lean on it.  It's pretty apparent that the top of the hinge has already bent from the extra stress.  It could have possibly been helped by a thicker hinge, and also having a connection point closer to the top of the hinge. 

Just one of the things to consider when selecting a hinge.

You can view our wide selection of hinges here:  and for custom hinge help, also see our sister site,

In Honor of Veterans Day

Everyone at Guden is thankful for the time, energy and sacrifices that have been made by all our veterans to protect us, our country and our freedom, including our owner and president Al Guden.

In appreciation.

The Not So Straight and Narrow

So you think that hinge leaves can just be flat or bent?

Well here's proof that they can be other things as well.

These curved leaves are perfect for mounting to a rounded surface. Think oil cans or posts or 55 gallon drums. I can also see several other things. A rounded box corner, an overextended open angle, an inchworm or maybe even a flock of seagulls.

Guden can easily supply a custom leaf shape to your particular requirements. Just send in your print for a quick P & D.

And you can see many more custom operations here on the Guden custom website:

Stop, In the Name Of... Hinge?

I always look at hinges no matter where I am and a doctor's office is no exception. I now actually kind of enjoy when they leave you in the room for what sometimes feels like hours. What used to be time to just sit there patiently waiting has now turned into a Hinge Whisperer's field day for hinge and hardware sightings.

Medical equipment is just full of hinge and hardware, especially stainless steel hinge and hardware. I'm pretty used to seeing a continuous hinge along the top of a metal box cover, but whoa, what's this! I saw the unmistakable hinge knuckles but stopped for just a second before jumping off the exam table to take a closer look. Could it be? Yes! It certainly was.

The knuckle configuration is unmistakable. Maybe some amateur Hinge Whisperers might miss it, but any seasoned one will know that this extra space and toothlike cutting on the knuckle can only mean one thing. Stop Hinge. The cuts on each knuckle are positioned so that when the hinge rotates, the knuckles actually hit each other and stop the rotation. It's hard to see it from a picture, and for once the doctor came in too quickly and I wasn't able to take a video of it, but you can see it here on the Guden Custom Hinges Website.

They're a great way of internalizing a stop into a hinge without having to put an outside guard on the box. The lid will only rotate to the intended stop position and stay there. They're available in two different versions; an inside stop hinge which stops the rotation in the closing arc, and an outside stop hinge which does the opposite for the rotation in the opening arc. Guden has a version of each in stainless steel as a stock item, with other sizes also available. Please see Guden Standard Stop Hinges.

Each is manufactured with a popular 90 degree stop angle built into the hinge. Additional widths can also be supplied as can other stop angle degrees.

So next time you're waiting and waiting for your doctor, why not do some exploring? You never know what hinge treasures you might find.

Guden Supports STEM Education

The 'Sachem Aftershock' Team

That's our robotics team, "Sachem Aftershock" #263 just as they were putting the final touches on the 2013 robot. They went on to win many matches in competition, but were knocked out in the quarter finals (a picture of the arena is below). It was a great season and we all had a blast. Four kids in this photo are now at engineering universities!

The 2014 season is just getting started now and FIRST robotics teams accross the nation need sponsors. Get involved and support your local FRC team!!

The Not So Terrible Twos

We've all heard the sayings but are they really true. Is love really a two way street? Does it really take two to tango? Two wrongs can't make a right? Are there just two sides to every coin? In two shakes of a lamb's tail? Is a bird in the hand truly worth more than two in the bush? But how about the most burdening question of all? Are two hinges better than one?

I think you'll find that in this case, there are two sides to the story. Take for instance these two brochure boxes right next to each other.

One builder chose to put one hinge across the top of the door, and the other chose to use two smaller hinges.

The answer may just be a two edged sword. On one hand, you can offer that one length of hinge is stronger because it supports more of the door surface area, It could be true, but in lighter situations two hinges could easily also support the door weight. Maybe in this case, they liked that two hinges covered less of the see-thru plastic door lending a better view of the brochures within? It's hard to really say. I just know that the size and thickness of the hinge needs to be matched to fit the weight and length of the door to insure it supports it properly. Whether or not you use one or two or even more hinges.

I know you can find many hinges at, and I also know that the best snorkeling must be found in Hanauma Bay.

Guden is The Custom Hinge Source

The Guden custom hinge site is all about custom hinge!

Everything you ever needed to know about the operations that can be done to a hinge and so much more. Drawings, animated files, definitions and explanations for all things hinge.

Check it out and choose the custom operations you're needing and submit a file for quotation. It's that easy.

When Stainless Isn't So Stainless

One of the big misconceptions about stainless steel is that it doesn't rust. True, it offers a higher corrosion resistance than steel, but in outdoor applications, especially like salt water and salt air marine applications, there is that possibility you still get corrosion. Certainly the higher the grade of stainless steel, the more it will be able to resist heavy duty environments, but even when a high grade like 316 stainless is left soaking in salt water long enough, you'll get corrosion.

In this case, it looks like the screws and not the hinge are the rust culprit, though I can't completely be sure without a thorough analysis. It certainly does look like they're the cause of the staining. It might have been better to use stainless steel screws instead of zinc plated ones. You can definitely see the red rings around each screw head and the stain dripping down from each screw. So in this case, it looks like the hinge has held up it's end of the bargain. At least from a visual sense.

Check out the Guden offering of polished stainless steel marine environment hinges here.

Guden also stocks a complete line of hinge and hardware in stainless steel and also aluminum for all your corrosion resistance needs.

American Made at Guden

We proudly showcase our numerous Made in USA products all over the Guden website.

Just look for the Stars and Stripes next to product categories to know which products are proudly manufactured in the USA. It's an important way we at Guden show our pride and we know it makes a difference when you Buy American.

You can see all our product offerings here.

Safe and Secure at Guden

Guden Hasp and Staple sets are a great way to make sure doors or lids are not just closed, but kept securely closed.

Our wide selection of electro-polished stainless steel versions feature hasp arm sizes ranging from 2.50" to 6.00". They are also available with and without holes to meet your mounting requirements. Our steel selection is available without holes and has a hasp arm size ranging from 1.62" to 3.50". We also carry an aluminum version for applications that need to be lightweight, corrosion resistant and secure.

A hasp would not be complete without having a piece for the lock to slip through. So for each Guden hasp, we also sell a matching Guden staple. Custom sizes and hole patterns can also be supplied. But sorry, padlocks aren't included!

See all the lockable options here.

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