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Wagner casters on clearance sale

Casters on Sale
Casters on Sale
We need warehouse space, so we're clearing out our stock of genuine Wagner casters.

These parts are going for a fraction of cost -- we need the shelves!

1F2304B26000197 Caster 4x1-1/2 PLRG Zinc
1F2305B26000197 Caster 5x1-1/2 PLRG Zinc
1F2306027000199 Caster 6x1-1/2 PLRG Zinc
1F2804B26000197 Caster 4x1-1/2 PLSW Zinc
1F2804B26002197 Caster 4x1-1/2 PLSW Zinc BK
1F2806027002199 Caster 6x1-1/2 PLSW Zinc Bk
1F2905B26002110 Caster 5x1-1/2 POSW Zinc BK
1F2906B26002110 Caster 6x1-1/2 POSW Zinc Bk
1F5307709000197 Caster 2-1/2x1-3/4 PLRG Zinc
1F5803438HD0197 Caster 3x1-3/4 PLSW Zinc
1F5803438HD01AM Caster 3x1-3/4 PLSW Zinc
1F5803709000197 Caster 3x1-3/4 PLSW Zinc
1F5803709002197 Caster 3x1-3/4 PLSW Zinc Bk
1F5807709000197 Caster 2-1/2x1-3/4 PLSW Zinc
1F6303P260001AM Caster 3x1 PLRG Zinc
1F6304P26000100 Caster 4x1 PLRG Zinc
1F8806C2508P190 Caster 6x2 PLSW Zinc Bk
1F9303009000100 3 X 1 1/4 RIGID CASTER
1F9303B26000100 Caster 3x1-1/4 PLRG Zinc
1F9305B260001AM Caster 5x1-1/4 PLRG Zinc
1F9307009000100 2 1/2 X 1 1/8 SPARTAN CASTER
1F9354B26000198 Caster 4x1-1/4 PLRG Zinc
2F6803027000100 Caster 3x1 PLSW Zinc
2F6803P260001AM Caster 3x1 PLSW Zinc
2F6804027002100 Caster 4x1 PLSW Zinc Bk
2F6804P26000100 Caster 4x1 PLSW Zinc
2F6805004002100 Caster 5x1 PLSW Zinc BK
2F6903P26002161 Caster 3x1 POSW Zinc Bk
2F6904P26002161 Caster 4x1 POSW Zinc Bk
2F6905P26002110 Caster 5x1 POSW Zinc Bk
2F9803009002100 Caster 3x1-1/4 PLSW Zinc Bk
2F9803B26000100 Caster 3x1-1/4 PLSW Zinc
2F9805B260001AM Caster 5x1-1/4 PLSW Zinc
2F9805B260021AM Caster 5x1-1/4 PLSW Zinc Bk
2F9807009002100 Caster 2-1/2x1-1/8 PLSW Zn Bk
2F9903004000105 Caster 3x1-1/4 POSW Zn
2F9903B26000101 Caster 3x1-1/4 POSW Zinc
2F9903B26002104 Caster 3x1-1/4 POSW Zinc Bk
2F9904B26002104 Caster 4x1-1/4 POSW Zinc BK
2F9905B26002106 Caster 5x1-1/4 POSW Zinc BK
3F0344B250001AM Caster 4x1-1/4 PLRG Zinc
3F0349B270001AM Caster 3-1/2x1-1/4 PLRG Zinc
3F08B4B250001AM Caster 4x1-1/4 PLSW Zinc
3F08B5B250001AM Caster 5x1-1/4 PLSW Zinc
3F08B9B270001AM Caster 3-1/2x1-1/4 PLSW Zinc
4F8305438000190 Caster 5x2 PLRG Zinc
4F880543800F190 Caster 5x2 PLSW Zinc TL