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Brand New Plastic Hinges

Plastic Hinges
Plastic Hinges

Introducing the New Line of Plastic Hinges

Our new and improved plastic hinge line is better than ever!

Guden is excited to announce the introduction of our new  Plastic Butt Hinges. The lightweight, low cost, and corrosion resistant nylon 6 plastic hinges are a great choice for marine and other transportation applications. Our plastic hinges come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes.

Why Choose Our New Plastic Hinges

Low Cost - Nylon 6 plastic hinges are less expensive than comparable metal hinges.

Corrosion Resistant - Nylon 6 plastic hinges are resistant to oils and grease. They do not corrode in sea water, are non conductive and have no galvanic reactions.

Lightweight - The nylon 6 plastic material weighs as little as more expensive aluminum metal hinges, making them great for transportation applications like marine, automotive and aerospace industries where you would be concerned about fuel efficiency and weight.

Attractive - The black surface has a fine pebbled finish that looks trim and neat.

Smooth action - The nylon 6 bearing surfaces offer low friction with no need for lubrication.

Also Check Out Our Plastic Piano Hinges

Our plastic piano hinges are another popular choice. These hinges are also known as plastic continuous hinges and polyhinges. They are extremely durable and have been tested through over one million flexes without failure. They are also lightweight, low cost, weatherproof, and corrosion resistant. 

We have a wide variety of plastic continuous hinges. Our standard lengths are 36'', 77'' or 1200'' coils. Our standard widths are 1'', 1.5'', 2'' and 3''. The plastic hinges come in gray, white and black. They can be cut to any length. Just let us know the open width, color, quantity and length needed.  

Up Close Neat and Trim Plastic Hinge
Up Close Neat and Trim Plastic Hinge