Invisible Hinge Advantages
  • Aesthetics - The hinges are mounted directly into the door from the inside surface so when the door is closed, the hinge cannot be seen.
  • Security - When the door is in the closed position, the hinge cannot be accessed or tampered. Even in the open position, the exposed riveted pin is not removable.
  • Safety - The moving pivot point remains inside the hinge during travel until fully opened, eliminating an external pinch point on the back side of the door.
  • Parallel Mounting - The unique mounting of these invisible hinges allow for almost unbroken surfaces between doors and frames to achieve a sleeker, more visually appealing look while door is open. It also consumes very little volume, leaving more room inside cramped cabinets.
  • 180° Opening - Door swings completely around, allowing full unobstructed access to the cabinet contents.
  • Unique Motion Path - Motion path is non-circular and swings away from the cabinet, allowing for tight door clearance.
  • Proven Design - These invisible hinges are designed to give smooth dependable operation for years. They are made of high strength plated steel and heavy duty zinc alloy castings.
  • Finishes - Satin Brass and Satin Chrome are in stock. Satin Bronze, Polished Chrome, Polished Brass and Unplated are quickly available.
  • Guden Service - Same Day Shipment, ISO9002 Quality, Variety, Custom Items, Automation, there are many reasons to choose Guden.
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