General Frequently Asked Questions

1. In what formats are GUDEN drawings available and how can customers get them?

The standard 2D format for all GUDEN drawings available for immediate download (or display) on our website is PDF. This format insures broadest readability and consistent printability.

We also have 3D models in common 3D formats. See here.

2. I am looking for tiny hinges. What can you offer?

The best place I have found for extremely small hinges is Craft Inc.. Take a look at what they call their "mini hinges."

3. I'm building a massage table, and I need a strong locking hinge for the legs.

We have some excellent table leg braces and you can see them on our web page. You can click on the individual product to display a PDF drawing and either print it directly or download it for later use. Our table leg brace drawings include installation instructions as page two of the drawing.

4. When you say "full swage, half swage or one leaf swaged", what is the offset distance?

The typical offset distances are as follows:

  1. Full swaged is offset approximately the diameter of the pin.
  2. Half swaged is offset about half the diameter of the pin

We can offset any specific dimension you need. Just specify it on a sketch or drawing.

5. I need a "double hinge" for a Japanese floor screen.

The part you are looking for is usually called a "double acting screen hinge" and we do have the part available here.

6. What is the cost to punch holes into hinges?

Good question! The answer depend on a number of factors. We have some products that are punched as a primary operation and the cost to put holes in them is close to zero. Most holes are punched as a secondary operation and the exact price depends on how we are punching the holes (one at a time or multiple), how many holes per part and how many total parts are in the lot. Let us have a sketch or print and a quantity and we will be pleased to quote.

7. I am interested in purchasing a piano hinge that is not the garden variety. It needs to be decorative and should look like chrome. Can you help me?

We have a couple of ways to go for a "decorative" hinge. You can look at the selections we have of polished stainless steel continuous hinges. These are made from a type 304 stainless and are fairly corrosion resistant. A typical use would be on boats.

If you don't need parts that are that rust resistant, you may check out our pre-finished nickel plated steel hinges. These are excellent for indoor use. Both have a chrome-like appearance - a bright silver color - and are readily available from stock. Both series are supplied with holes for flat head wood screws.

8. I am looking for 10 draw pulls, for a "colonial style" bureau. The problem I'm having is, finding them with a 4 inch center.

While we do have an extensive product line, our products are primarily for metal cabinet applications.

I suggest you try:

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

These people have an extensive catalog and web site and should be able to help out.

You can also try:

Van Dykes Restorers

Let us know how you make out or if you find any other good sources. If we can't supply a product, we like to help point the way!

9. We currently purchase stainless steel slip joint hinges from Guden. We treat them and then apply a paint to them. The paint does not adhere very well at all. Would you have a recommended paint or painting method.

We don't do painting, so we are not real experts on that subject.  One of our painters suggests that you try passivating the parts before painting. He also says that you should check with the paint manufacturer for his specific preparation instructions for stainless steel.

10. When you list a part as satin and anodized, what color anodized can we have? I need black anodized. Do we just specify that color when ordering?

Our standard satin and anodized finish is clear. If you need a specific color anodize on a product, we prefer that you supply a color sample for our plater to match.

11. I am looking for a picture or drawing of your 9295LH-02 Spring Latch. Are the holes already in the part or do I need to punch them when I receive them?

You can obtain a drawing of part number 9295LH-02 here.
We also have part number H9295LH-02 that is exactly the same as the 9295LH-02 except it already has 2 holes pre-punched. Take a look at that drawing to see if our standard hole pattern will work in your application. If not, we can punch custom holes for you.

12. What is a double wrap hinge?

A double wrap hinge is one where the leaf wraps around the pin and back over itself (see cross-section diagram). Both leaves are doubled this way. This makes a very strong hinge that cannot unwrap. A typical application would be on school lockers where students hanging from the doors don't distort the hinge.

If you don't find the answer to your problem, use this form.

Also see our Gas Springs and Dampers Frequently Asked Questions.

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