Gas Spring

Item: GGS44-100-K

Guden Item GGS44-100-K
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.250 .591
3.500 12.000
100 M6-1.00
Steel tube Chrome rod
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Why Guden is replacing Chrome Plated Rods with Black Nitride Rods

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Although our chrome rods use a RoHS compliant hard chrome plating, the Black Nitride rods are naturally RoHS compliant and are much more environmentally friendly in the manufacturing and disposal.
  • GREATER CORROSION RESISTANCE The nitriding process actually case hardens the steel, infusing nitrogen into the material itself. In standard salt spray tests the Chrome plated rods are resistant up to 90 hours, while the Black Nitride rods are 150 hours.
  • LONGER LIFE Rod surface smoothness also directly affects the gas spring or damper life by significantly increasing the effectiveness of the seal. The smoother the surface, the better the seal, and less abrasion on the seal to cause wear or leakage. Nitride rod surface is nearly 30% smoother than the chrome rods.
  • APPEARANCE Visually the black rod gives a more modern and less visible appearance blending seamlessly with the black painted tube.
  • LOWER COST The Black Nitride rod springs with the "C" connector are lower in price.
  • STANDARD CONNECTOR These gas springs feature our "C" connector which has a long proven track record - especially in the automotive industry. The connector's thick wall sections allow for good performance in cold conditions. It is stronger with a thread tensile strength of 650 pounds compared to 450 pounds for the "K" connector. The steel spring clip has even higher salt spray rating (480 hours) than the black nitride rod. Additionally, the "C" connector allows easier assembly with no tools required.