Notes About Safety and Suitability

At Guden, we are committed to providing our customers with superior service and quality products that set us apart from the competition. While we provide quality products for a broad range of uses and designs, we cannot test for, or guarantee, the suitability or safety of our products for the infinite variety of customer applications and designs.

It is the responsibility of each customer to determine suitability and applicability of our products, to test product design, suitability and installation or to consult with an engineer, if warranted. Guden does not provide any engineering recommendations or services. Your careful testing is the best way to assure the products you choose are suitable and safe in your design.

Guden disclaims any warranties expressed or implied as to the suitability or safety of any product for a particular purpose. Guden is not liable for manufacturing costs, labor, alternate purchases, extra freight, lost profit, good will, recall costs or other incidental or consequential damages.