90 Degree Stop Piano Hinge - Continuous Hinges

90 Degree Stop Piano Hinge - Continuous Hinges
Guden stop hinges are available in plain steel and in an inside stop or outside stop version. This unique hinge series is designed to limit the range of motion for the leaves without the need for an additional stop mechanism.

Each hinge knuckle is specially formed to interlock with the next knuckle to "stop" the hinge from rotating. Our inside stop version has an operating arc from closed to 90° open and our outside stop version has an operating arc from fully open to stop at 90° before closing.

You can see the rotation here on our Custom Hinge Website.

Our stop hinges are supplied from stock without holes, but holes, slots, countersunk holes, PEM nuts, bends, and many other custom operations can also be added. Visit our custom hinge site for expert guidance and assistance in your custom hinge design. And for even more continuous hinge design guidelines and help click here for our Hinge Guidelines. Please also inquire for the availability of custom dimensions and thicknesses.

Our Guden customer service team is also available for assistance and can help you choose the most cost effective solution for your requirements.
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Item Thick Pin Knuckle Open Length
SH04040206-IN 0.035 0.091 0.250 1.500 72.000
SH04040204-OUT 0.035 0.086 0.250 1.060 72.000