Continuous Hinges -- Prefinished Nickel on Steel with Holes

Continuous Hinges -- Prefinished Nickel on Steel with Holes

Guden offers a large variety of Prefinished Nickel Piano Hinges listed below.

Prefinished Nickel Piano Hinges
In stock same day shipments
Steel with prefinished nickel
.040 thickness with either 48.00" or 72.00" length
Custom lengths available

A Guden pre-finished steel hinge is a great product to use in applications that require corrosion resistance and a cosmetic look. This series is supplied with a protective nickel finish prevents corrosion on the hinge and helps keep the look sharp and decorative. A perfect choice when flat steel, stainless or aluminum isn't the look you want.

Available in a .040 thickness with a .091 diameter pin and a stock length of 72.00" Each length of hinge is pre-punched with countersunk holes for a #4 FHS on 2" centers on both leaves for quick and easy cutting and mounting. Custom sizes are also available upon request.

And for situations when the stock hole pattern won't meet your requirements, custom hole patterns are also available. More custom operations such as slots, cut outs, spring loading, PEMs, bends, and offsets can also be supplied. Visit our custom hinge site for expert guidance and assistance in your custom hinge design. And for even more continuous hinge design guidelines and help see our Hinge Design Guidelines.

Our Guden customer service team is also available for assistance and can help you choose the most cost effective solution for your requirements.

Item Thick Pin Knuckle Open Length Hole Size
FN05050404-72 0.040 0.091 0.500 1.060 72.000 Ctsk #4
FN05050405-72 0.040 0.091 0.500 1.250 72.000 Ctsk #4
FN05050406-72 0.040 0.091 0.500 1.500 72.000 Ctsk #4
FN05050408-48 0.040 0.091 0.500 2.000 48.000 Ctsk #6
FN05050408-72 0.040 0.091 0.500 2.000 72.000 Ctsk #6