Continuous Slip Hinges

Continuous Slip Hinges
Our Continuous Slip Hinges are stocked in two sizes: 18in and 24in in Plain Steel. This product allows you to use only one hinge for a removable door instead of the usual 2 or 3 slip hinges. These continuous slip hinges are 2in open width, .060 thick plain steel with a .120 diameter steel pin. We can modify these hinges to meet your custom requirements, including cutting the length down and/or adding holes or finish. These parts are supplied in a left hand configuration only.
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Item Length Width Thick Pin Pin
NHPS818LH 18.000 2.000 0.060 0.120 SLIP Plain Steel
NHPS824LH 24.000 2.000 0.060 0.120 SLIP Plain Steel